San Galgano

An itinerary out of the classic breathtaking views of Tuscany is the legend that resides in the hermitage of Montesiepi in the municipality of Chiusdino, just 30 km south of Siena. I often took my children there when they were young and they were fascinated by the story of King Arthur, as inside the circular-shaped[…]

Le Balze

Le Balze is a landscape of the province of Arezzo little known but of a beauty that amazes me every time I go there, a landscape that changes with the changing of the hours …as the sun changes the color of these rocks. The Balze del Valdarno, also known as Smotte, is a characteristic landscape,[…]

Signorelli Theatre

Designed by Carlo Gatteschi in 1854, it has been home to important cultural and theatrical events for over a century and a half. Owned by the Academy of the Arditi, located in Piazza Signorelli on the original site of the ancient church of S. Andrea, it was designed in perfect neoclassical style. It’s loggia has[…]


One of the villages that I like most that I can admire from Casa Bellavista,  by turning my gaze to the west, is the town of Lucignano, which has its own particular elegance. It is a small village in southern Tuscany, and is one of the most extraordinary examples of medieval town planning , due[…]


Pienza is a city that I love, especially for its sober elegance. It is at the same time austere, with a breath-taking view of the Val d’Orcia. The city of Pienza has many pseudonyms: La Città Gioiello “,” Città d’Autore “; the author is Enea Silvio Piccolomini, who was born here in 1405 who in[…]


One of the small Tuscan villages that I like to visit and that I recommend to my guests to visit is Monterchi, just 40 minutes from Casa Bellavista. I suggest to reach it by the road that from Castiglion Fiorentino goes to Palazzo del Pero, for the beauty of the natural landscape, a route through[…]


From Casa Bellavista in just 30 minutes you can arrive in the Chianti area, symbolized by the famous and historical “Gallo Nero”, adopted as a brand for the Chianti Classico wine by the consortium that groups together the producers. The origin of this symbol derives from an ancient legend. It is said that at the[…]