Bed and Breakfast in Cortona, into the Tuscan countryside

After a successful career in hotel management, Simonetta Demarchi opened Casa Bellavista Bed and Breakfast in Cortona in 2001. Casa Bellavista, a B&B in Tuscany, offers its visitors a true Tuscan experience of living in a family home while enjoying the amenities and hospitality of a small country hotel. The rooms which the clients of Casa Bellavista enjoy today are the rooms which the family used prior to the restoration of the old tobacco barn (the “stufa”) where the family now lives. The main house is now known as Casa Bellavista Bed and Breakfast. Casa Bellavista traces its history back to Roman times. In the MAEC museum in Cortona, Casa Bellavista is shown on one of the early maps as a settlement a short distance from the city of Cortona. As for modern times, Casa Bellavista produces its own “green power” with the recent installation of solar panels.